What is a Conscious Sedation?

Being fully aware of your surroundings, without feeling any pain and no memory of the procedure.

The anesthetist administraters one or more drugs into the vein in the hand or arm. The amount varies according to the patient's needs and weight. This produces sedation, which lasts between 1-1/2hours. The patient is constantly monitored throughout the procedure. The effects of the drug(s) take 24 hours to wear off.

The detist gives local anesthetic into the areas being treated, mostly the patient will not be aware of that being done, especially in the early stages of the procedure, but some patients may still be aware. Conscious sedation is NOT a General Anesthetic - at no time is the patient unconscious during the procedure, but will be aware of what is happening. (read more...)


Sedations for Adults

Are you anxious when it comes to dentists?

Dr. Chapman takes great care with each patient and makes sure that you fully understan the procedure and what to do and also what not to do prior to the treatment as well as afterwards. She will pantients 24 ours before the dental appointment to discuss every aspect of the treatment from her point of whatever procedure needs to be done and she will answers the questions you may have upon this discussion. Dr. Chapman also undergoes unnual apraisals, and keeps up a yearly certification in Immediate Life Support (ILS).


Sedations For Children

Does your child need a sedation?

As previously mentioned, Dr. Chapman undergoes annual training for sedation and she keeps up with the newst techniques and methods when it comes to the industry. She also undergoes training for certification of Peadiatric Immediate Life Support (PILS) to ensure that children get the appropriate treatment that they need and to put their safety first.


Registration & Accreditation

Dr. Chapman has full registration with the General Medical Council (4508296).
She is also a member of the following relevant professional bodies: SAAD and ADA.

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Notes About Sedations

A few things to bear in mind when undergoing a sedation.